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Art with Ms Rohr's class

Learning in Edina Public Schools’ six elementary schools is a time of growth and discovery. Each provides an individualized learning experience for students K-5 with opportunities including a maker space, service projects, and student leadership.

We work to engage every student in the process of learning by having high expectations for all and providing support that helps students achieve at their highest potential.

Recent building enhancements have created flexible learning spaces where we offer students creative and innovative opportunities to learn core standards, as well as to grow personally in understanding themselves and how they learn best.

What I love about my job is that no day is ever the same and that's the exciting thing about it. I also love to learn about becoming a better leader. We ask our students and teachers to keep learning for their craft and I think principals have to do the same."

Paul Domer

- Paul Domer  
Principal, Concord Elementary